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"Shekinah Glory Bible Institute is designed to equip ordinary Christian to do extraordinary things.  It is for those who desire to have lives that are more fruitful, effective and victorious for Christ.  The Shekinah Glory Bible Institute is designed for working people.  It is a high-quality degree program for a fraction of the cost of most bible school training.  It only takes a few hours a week of study and class time."

Associate Degree Program (60 credit Hrs.) is designed to teach God's word in five increments. It is for those who desire is to understand and learn the Word of God to become more fruitful, effective, and victorious. This degree program is for working individuals with busy lives. It takes a few hours a week of study and class time. Associate Degree in Biblical Studies will be given upon completion of all five increments (trimesters).

Bachelor's Degree Program (60 credit Hrs.) Ministry Development Course goal is to teach, equip, and train all leaders in God's word as they pursue to further studies directed in Christian Education. These courses will enhance your insight, interpretation, and teaching.  Students will be able to effectively do research and write essays with understanding and Revelation. Each course within the Bachelor's program will be six to eight weeks, and will serve as 3 credit Hrs. Upon completion students will receive a Bachelor's Degree.


Prospective Student:
Thank you for your interest in the Associate/Bachelor's Degree Program. I know the decision to partake in the Program came through with much prayer!
The cost for the entire Associate Degree Program will be $1750.00, this will include book/material. For this program there are five Trimesters, each trimester will cost $350.00.  Your initial payment will be $100.00 tution deposit and a $30.00 non-refundable application fee to enter program. Payment arrangements can be made if needed, speak with the Dean of Students, Pastor R. Peoples for more information.
Also the cost for the Bachelor's Degree Program is $150.00 per course, this include course syllabus, book & material, however; fee is to be paid in full before course entry.
It is our pleasure to serve you. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please feel free to contact the Dean of Students, Pastor Rodney Peoples
 (910) 703-6941  We look forward to hearing from you soon.                                        

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