A Word Concerning Accreditation

Accreditation and Recognition of Credit

Concerning seminary accreditation; the value of any accredited university, accredited Bible College or accredited online seminary degree is subjective, depending on the amount of work that went into earning it, the student's attitude and aptitude, and external circumstances related to the school itself or to the graduate's working world.


You should be aware that many Christian Private Schools, Bible Colleges and Seminaries elect not to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education and do not seek Regional Accreditation, which is more common among Secular Colleges and Universities, Christian Educational Ministries are automatically exempt from the dictates of both the Government and secular accreditation agencies. Shekinah Glory Bible Institute, like other Christian Education Ministries, has full theological accreditation which is recognized and respected as an acceptable form of accreditation for those in pursuit of ministry related vocations.


Shekinah Glory Bible Institute is both a state authorized and theologically accredited institution of higher learning. Most accredited universities, accredited seminaries, accredited Bible Colleges and accredited colleges have their own criteria for recognition and acceptability of education credits. The individual should always address specific questions to selected institutions in determining their particular criteria concerning accreditation.


United States Government Approval 

We are recognized by the Government of the United States of America, as a 501 (c)(3) Religious Organization with all rights and privileges as provided by law. We are fully accredited by the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC) Anyone wishing to contact them for verification may write to:


WWAC, Dr. Paul Richardson, Executive President

2800 Blendwell Rd.

Richmond, VA 23224


We wish to make it perfectly clear that due to the principle of separation and state Mark 12:17; James 4:4; 2 Corinthians 6:14, the WWAC has chosen not to seek endorsement by either, the US Dept. of Education Eligibility and Agency Evaluation Staff (EAES) or The Council on Post Secondary Accreditation (COPA), but is a rapidly growing and respected network of over 200 schools on the cutting edge for the Cause of Christ.


Accreditation Being Defined 

Accreditation is the act of certifying that an educational institution maintains suitable standards; the granting of approval to an institution of learning by an official review board after the school has met certain requirements. Specifically, accreditation is the review of a school's course offerings and procedures by a group of its peers to certify that the school is meeting its own stated objectives and offerings its students the education it promises them. What ordination is to a minister; accreditation is to a school. (source: Dr. Paul Richardson, WWAC)


Separation of Church and State



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